Charactar of Special Squad

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Special Squad
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Charactar of Special Squad

Postby Darpana on Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:33 pm

Aryan Khanna: He is the strong, intense, silent type. He is a hard core professional who heads the Special Squad. He is a true leader who backs his team and also indulges their quirks. He is a brilliant investigator who has only one unsolved case in his illustrious career. The case - the murder of his wife and child. He has never been able to forgive himself for that one failure and thus is always pushing everyone to perform their best and to perform with speed. Because that extra hour can let a criminal escape never to be found. Some members of the regular police force think he is obsessive about solving cases and maybe needs to consult a psychiatrist. But Aryan cares two hoots about such criticism and with his loyal band of people goes about solving cases.

Shaina Kaur:
Beautiful, intelligent, resilient and rather judgmental assists Aryan. She is a criminal psychologist who is brilliant in interrogations. She shares a compassionate bond with Aryan, which stands on the edge of turning into love. She is very aggressive and jumps to conclusions regarding suspects rather quickly. Her husband left her for a younger woman and since then she has been too much on the defensive vis-à-vis letting her hair loose. She is always edgy about whether she is doing a good job as a single mother. She is always jittery about whether she is being there for enough for her eight-year-old son considering the demands of her profession.

Ajay Desai: He is the department Casanova. He is the other investigator in the organization who is flamboyant, witty and also bends the rules once in a while. Women from his past keep popping up at the most inopportune moments. His lack of discipline really angers the top brass but Aryan who admires Ajay's genius indulges him and at time protects him from facing departmental flak. He is brave and courageous and doesn't mind taking huge personal risks to solve crimes.

Neha Naik: Neha is a sensitive girl who left home when she could not take her father's oppressive and abusive behavior anymore. She is very antsy about cases where women have been cheated or abused and a belligerent side of hers is suddenly revealed at such times. She is the expert on computer forensics and electronics. She appears nerdish at first glance but hides a really sexy persona deep behind her grunge look. She and Ajay start living in the middle of the series and it is a perfect case of opposites attract. She is finicky about things, very ordered and thorough. Everything has a proper place and anything out of place and she can bring the house down.

Boxer or Abbas Ali Baig: He is a hard-core investigator who grew up in the wrong side of town. He is extremely street smart and aggressive and he and Ajay make a great team. Though he has a perennial soft corner for the underdog because he knows what it is to be one. He can understand the motivations behind the poor people resorting to crime and would like to rehabilitate them.

Shotgun or Shomiron Chaterjee: The grim, proud but intelligent latent and prints specialist doesn't really think much of investigators and believes it is forensics that plays a major part in solving crimes, but never get its due. He had a flourishing career with the Scotland Yard and had to chuck it to come to India because his mother could not handle the cold. He is slightly grumpy about the way the Indians function but is very good at his job. His curt condescending attitude has to be borne by the whole squad because his inputs are crucial in solving cases.

Papaji or Jogi Binjola: Jogi who is the forensic pathologist with an alcohol problem but really the best at his job thus every one seems to pretend that the alcohol problem does not exist. He is now set to become the head of forensics after Ved's exit. He has a wife who is living in a state of denial ever since their only daughter married a Muslim boy. She has become a manic depressive ever since and gives JOGI a tough time with ever paranoia. Yet Jogi is always smiling and is the most cheerful man. One of those tough steely men who have a heart of gold.

Zubin Driver: A very geeky and lean guy who wants to get his photos on the National Geographic. He is a Parsi lad who is the photographic expert as well as the sketch artist. He is very agile and finicky. He is the butt of a lot of jokes in the Special Squad for his intrusive nature while clicking photos. Everyone thinks he takes up too much time.
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