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Banoo Main Teri Dulhann
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Postby Geeta on Fri Jun 13, 2008 10:07 am

Sindoora (main antagonist of serial)

Sindoora was Sagar's older , wicked, evil half sister until she killed her stepbrother Sagar along with his wife, Vidya, and is considered to be the mastermind of the three sisters-in-law. She is usually the one who plans ways to make Vidya's life a misery. Sindoora secretly hates Sagar, and tried to kill him any way she can. She also hates Harsh as he is robbing his wife, Chandra, who is Sindoora's sister. Sindoora's husband is Aniket, who is a lawyer and the leader of the household and he has been sick for three months because of Sindoora. Sindoora does her best to stop Sagar's operation but failed to, so she hired Singaporean gangsters to kidnap him. But as she failed again on the kidnapping, Sindoora reaches Singapore to stop the operation but Sagar was already cured. To get rid of Vidya (who went to a nearby mandir for a while) she placed drugs in her purse and went with Sagar to India (who remembered Sindoora). When Sindoora returns she tells that Vidya went off somewhere with the 25 lakhs and she had to pay it all for the operation. Sindoora is an extremely cunning person whose main aim is to get Vidya out of the house and to do all she can to prevent anyone finding out her truth (it is believed that Sindoora was the mastermind of Sagar's accident). Sagar is out of the mental he wants chairman on the business so Sindoora makes sure he does not. Again Sindoora tries to make Sagar get into an accident which makes Sagar go to the hospital. Vidya was given an opportunity to turn in Sindoora to the police however she does not because Sagar's Aunt starts talking to Vidya. Sindoora is now making a fake attempt at suicide and is framing Vidya in her fake suicide note. As Sagar gets well and returns home from his accident he sees Sindoora at the hospital. He takes her home and shocks everyone. He tells Vidya to apologize to her and claims that she is his god. Sindoora frames Minibike for trying to murder Sagar. Recently Sindoora has killed Sagar and Vidya but they both have reincarnated as Amar and Divya.... Sindoora truly believes Divya is Vidya. Sindoora thinks that Kamna will be mother of Samrat's child. She also truly believes Amar is Sagar. She thinks Samrat will married to Divya. Samrat-Divya Marriage will not cancelled as she realized the only way to separate Sagar/Amar and Vidya/Divya was to make Samrat marries Divya. She is trying to make Divya remebers her past life by, sending her to the cliffs where she shot Sagar and Vidya. She pulled out a gun and pointed it towards Divya, trying to make her remember her past life. She thinks that Amar is the real son of Rajeev and Mahua. She killed SSH. She is thinks that Amar-Divya is Sagar-Vidya. Sindura shoots vidya again but puts teh blame on samrad

Mahua (age 52)

Mahua is Sindoora's sister. Her husband Karthik has fallen in love with Surili and she soon found out in a video recorded by Harsh at a party. She was about to marry again but the groom spilled out that he was just marrying her for the money and it was a ploy by Harsh. Mahua secretly has feelings for the fake Harsh who is a security guard, but she doesn't want to come between Chandra and Harsh, not knowing he is not actually Harsh. After every one finds out the truth about the fake Harsh who is really Rajiv Mahua reveals that she loves him a lot. Because of Vidya Mahua is able to get her true love and both get married. Mahua knows the truth about Sindoora, she knows how Sindoora killed Vidya and Sagar. After the death of Sagar and Vidya, Mahua comes to know that she is pregnant but she is scared and wants to leave and stay away from Sindoora. She gave birth to the reincarnated Sagar who is Amar. But Rajeev exchanges his baby (baby Amar) with someone else's baby (baby Samrat) so Sindoora cannot harm his son. Mahua does not know about this exchange and to her knowledge she still thinks that Samrat is her real son as Rajeev does not tell her. However,sindoora finds out from the Guru that Amar is really Rajeev's son and thinks Mahua nows too. Now Mahua who is happily married to Rajeev and is not part of Sindoora's plans and has changed for the better. She is now trying to look out or Divya the reincarnation of Vidya and warned Divya not to tell anything to anyone about her flashbacks of her past life. her real son is Amar.

Chandra (age 48)

Chandra is the youngest sister of the three and is married to Harsh. Unknown to her, Harsh had fallen in love with Vidya before her marriage to Sagar and is stealing money from Chandra. Chandra makes Vidya's life miserable and likes to torment her. Recently Chandra was very upset that Sagar told Harsh to leave the house. Now that Harsh has come back with a new face, she thinks that it really is Harsh. Chandra thinks that Harsh does not love her. When she finds out that this new Harsh is in turn Rajiv and is in love with Mahua she overreacts. She really thought he was the old Harsh and wanted to renew their relationship. Harsh is taken to jail temporarily only to be released in the promised two weeks. Chandra begins plotting in earnest thinking that if she can't have Harsh then Mahua cannot. In secret, Sindoora used this as an opportunity to coach Chandra against Vidya. She is now a suppporter of Sindoora. She was ordered by Sindoora to take a blood test from Kamna (Chinu & Shalu's daughter) while she fell asleep, and proves that Kamna is pregnant.
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Re: Charactars

Postby Geeta on Fri Jun 13, 2008 10:08 am

Rajeev (age 54)
Rajeev is the husband of Mahua and now the father of Samrat(he is really the father of amar but at the hospital he switched the kids). Rajeev had first come into the plot line pretending to be Harsh. Harsh had told him the stories of himself while he was in the Singh household. Rajeev had entered the house stating the he is Harsh and had gotten into a bad accident causing him to get Facial reconstruction. The family members are still sceptical about his real identity, but finally let him enter after Chandra says that she will leave the house if the family members do not accept that he is Harsh. While Rajeev is living in the household, he ends up falling madly in love with Mahua. Mahua ends up falling for him, but does not want to betray Chandra. He tells Mahua the truth abut who he is and that he was framed for a crime the real Harsh commited posing as Rajeev. Finally he reveals the truth to the family. Vidya stands up for him when everybody is against him. He gets sent to jail for Harsh's crime for a few weeks, and is released. He and Mahua get married, all thanks to Vidya It is for this reason that Rajeev has taken a special liking to Vidya. A Pundit Jee had predicted that a child who will be born in their house will be the end of Sindoora. Rajeev had to make a promise to Sindoora inorder to save his son from being killed by Sindoora . The promise was that Sindoora would raise his child as she would a kid of her own (without Mahua and him interfering). Rajeev's real son is Amar (reincarnation of Sagar) but he exchanges Amar for another child who was just born (who Sindura names Samrat) in the delivery room. When Rajeev went to switch the kids back after making the promise, he ended up finding out that the family had left and gone back to their home in Benaras. He decides that he will never tell Mahua about the change.

Samrat (age 21)
Rajeev and Mahua's so called son (he's a fraud and cheating spider) but originally a biological son of Amar's parents. He was switched by Rajeev after his birth so that Sindoora cannot harm Rajeev's real son who is Amar the reincarnation of Sagar. His name was given by Sindoora and he was raised by Sindoora as an agreement between Sindoora with Rajeev and Mahua, that Sindoora will not harm him and will let him live. He plans to get married with Divya for money but Sindoora is planning something else. He is falsely pretending to be in love with Kamna(Chinu's daughter) and now Kamna is pregnant with his child. He recently asked Divya to marry him because he wants her money, and she agreed.Samrat gets mad when he hears that Divya loves Amar. Eventually, everyone finds out about his evil scheme and Divya ditches him, and so does Kamna.

Kamna (age 21)
Chinu and Shalu's daughter who was brought up by Hema Chachi and Chacha. She's in love with Samrat ever since she was a kid and falsely believes that Samrat is in love with her. Hema wants her to get close to Samrat to get his money. Sindoora wants him to get close to her to take his mind off of Divya. Once she was persuaded by Samrat to do intimate relationship with Samrat but she refused to do so as they are not married, however when she was asked to do it the second time she gave herself to Samrat, now she is pregnant with Samrat's child,however, samrat is getting married to divya.
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Re: Charactars

Postby Geeta on Fri Jun 13, 2008 10:09 am

Aniket (age 66)
Aniket is Sindora's husband and Bharat's father. He came to Mumbai at the age of 45. He supports Sagar's and Vidya's relationship. Aniket was paralyzed due to an aciident. After 2 years, Aniket feels well, but Sindoora claims that he is mentally unstable and sends him to a mental institution.

After 21 years, Aniket is 66 years old (45+21=66). Sindoora goes to the awards where she helps the poor boys. There she sees Aniket. Aniket shouts because security took him away. Once day, Divya and Samrat driving the car, when Divya goes to road, Aniket looks at her, but she doesn't know who is he. One day, Sindura, Rajeev, Mahua go to the temple of Banaras. Aniket somehow manages to find her and when they meet, he yells out to everyone, "Sindoora murdered my brother-in-law and his wife". The security intervenes and takes him back to the mental institution.

Chintu (about the age of 13)

Chintu is Amar's sweet and funny and lovely younger brother who loves to meddle in Amar's life. He knows that Amar is in love with Divya and convinces him of it. He has a bad condition and faints a lot, so he needs an expensive operation. Divya tries to pay for it, but since Amar an his family is mad at her, they refuse to accept it. Amar makes a deal with Bindiya's dad to marry Bindiya in exchange for the money. Chintu thinks it's a bad idea since Amar truly loves Divya.

Shalu (age 46)
Recently disappeared in a car accident with Chinu. Left a daughter (Kamna) with her parents, Hema and her father. She provided comic relief along with her mother. She and Chinu may be dead.
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Re: Charactars

Postby Geeta on Fri Jun 13, 2008 10:10 am

Chinu (age 50)
His name is Chimnay Singh, A Sagar's cousin, Shalu's husband who helps Sagar and Vidya. after the Sagar and Vidya, he leaves Kamna then he disappeared in car accident along with Shalu

Divya (previous Vidya age 21) Vidya was murdered by Sindoora after days of being chased along with her husband Sagar. She is however reborn as the modern girl, Divya 21 years later. Divya's rich parents are dead so she inherited all the money. Samrat is set to marry Divya because of her money. Sindoora is trying to stop him as she truly believes Divya is Vidya and is out to get her. Divya sets out for agra but by mistake she reaches Banaras-the place where it all started.There she gets cheated and loses all the money she had. Sagar is also born as a guide in Benaras named Amar. Quarrel breaks out between the two of them when Amar accidentally pushes Divya into the river. But ultimately both of them become friends again. Divya keeps remembering things that Vidya used to do even though Divya herself never did them. She falls in love with Amar, without knowing, but doesn't tell him because Bindiya, Amar's childhood friend, is in love with him too. After Divya stops Bindiya from committing suicide, she promises to leave them alone. She is rude to Amar and his family so they forget about her. When she finds out Amar is engaged to Bindiya, she accepts Samrat's purposal, not knowing what he did with Kamna. however after kamna tells Amar the truth about her relationship with samrat the wedding is stopped and vidya is left in a shock with the rest of the family. And soon two months are going to end and divya and amar are soon going to remember there past life, about sagar, vidya, and there death from sindoora. Will they beable to live or will they be defeated once again from sindoora.

Amar (previous Sagar age 21)
After being murdered by Sindoora, Sagar is reincarnated as Amar, Amar is the real son of Rajeev and Mahua but was switched by Rajeev with Samrat when he was born so that Sindoora cannot harm him, the best tour guide in Benaras, King of Shiva. Then he meets Divya and has a fight with her in Banaras after accidentally pushing her in the river. After making up they become very good friends. Whenever he is with her, he get blurry flashbacks of their previous life together. He soon falls in love with her. However, Bindiya (Amar's childhood friend) becomes jealous of Divya. Divya stops Bindiya's suicide attempt, and to ensure she doesn't do it again, Divya hurts Amar's feelings and insults his family before leaving for Delhi, so that Amar and his family would forget about her and look to Bindiya instead. He gets angry at Divya and refuses to accept her money for Chintu's operation. To pay for it, he makes a deal with Bindya's dad: the money for his marriage to Bindiya. Bindiya finds out the truth, and tells about her and Divya's promise. Amar comes to Delhi to find Divya. He gets a job as a waiter at a party in Sindoora's household which is the engagement party of Divya and Samrat, where most serial actors/actresses come to dance to the Om Shanti Om theme song. During this party Amar was accused by Sindoora that he stole something from the house which was a plot of Sindoora. Later Sindoora sent other guys to kill Amar and Amar get buried later one man takes Amar out of the Grave.After he gets out he starts to search for divya with the help of the man.They cross each other until finally they meet up

Bindiya (age 21)
She is Amar's best friend. She is jealous of Divya and Amar. She even tried to kill Divya by mixing rat poison in Divya's pakoras. She secretly loves Amar, but just recently, after Amar made a deal with Bindiya's father, they got engaged. The deal was that if Amar would get married to Bindiya, then he would give Amar 50,000-75,000 rupees for Chintu's treatment. Bindiya finds out about the deal and also tells Amar about her deal. He leaves to go to Delhi. There he goes to a party held at Sagarshouse.
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Re: Charactars

Postby next668 on Mon Jan 09, 2017 1:37 pm

Excellent post. Thank you very much!!
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