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Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi
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Postby Adwita on Tue Jun 17, 2008 12:48 pm

Radhaa Sharma (played by Supriya Pilgaonkar), the matriarch of the family has single handedly brought up her three daughters instilling in them the right values and principles. She is the focal point of the family and binds them all together with her unconditional love. A constant source of inspiration & encouragement for her daughters; Radhaa has complete faith in their talents and capabilities. She believes that with self confidence and a positive attitude her daughters can fulfill all their dreams.

Rohini (played by Mona Vasu), being the eldest daughter takes the responsibility of taking care of her family on her shoulders. An aspiring fashion designer, her primary aim is to find a job, become established and renowned in her choice of profession as it would enable her to provide her family with every comfort and happiness in the world.

Ragini (played by Ragini Khanna), is the middle daughter. An extremley ambitious individual, she seeks the good life and wants to be able to provide her family with the kind of luxury which they have never experienced. The prettiest of the three girls, she wants to be a super model as she believes that it will provide all that she wants from life – money, fame, glamor and success.

Ruchi (played by Ratan Rajput), Ruchi, is the youngest and is treated as the baby of the family. Extremely shy and soft spoken and usually lost in her own world of books and studies. She aspires to be an astronaut and believes that through hard work and a good education she will be able to provide the best for her family.

Shekhar (played by Apurva Agnihotri), a doctor who takes care of Roshan – the lady in who’s house Radhaa & her daughters come to stay in Mumbai. He is the first person to help Radhaa & her daughters by convincing Roshan to let them stay in her house. Extremely nice, sweet & sensitive; Shekhar soon becomes an integral part of the lives of Radhaa & her daughters; partaking in their joys & sorrows.

Nikhil (played by Nikhil Roy), a quiet, sardonic individual; he too is a student in Ragini & Ruchi’s college as well as being Ragini’s classmate. From their very first interaction Ragini & Nikhil have an instant dislike for one another as Ragini cannot stand his unnecessarily derisive & mocking attitude & Nikhil goes out of his way to irritate her. They share a relationship characterized by crackling chemistry for all the wrong reasons!!!

Aditya (played by Abhimaan Balhara), is a rich, spoilt Mumbai brat. He instantly antagonizes Ruchi when he makes fun of her as she gets scared of his dogs. Little does she know that he is her senior in College & she will constantly need to interact with him. A cool dude, extremely popular with the girls he loves making Ruchi miserable who can never understand him since their lives, personalities, attitudes etc are polar opposites.

Aniruddh (played by Vivek Madan), is a part of the Student Council of the College joined by Ragini & Ruchi. A very good student, confident, encouraging & sympathetic who is the first one to help Ruchi when she faces trouble getting admission into the College. He eventually becomes Ruchi’s confidante & support system as he helps her get used to life & College in Mumbai.
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Re: Characters

Postby homerad on Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:37 am

A good link exchange!
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