Highlights of Bol Baby Bol

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Bol Baby Bol
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Highlights of Bol Baby Bol

Postby Aabha on Mon Jun 16, 2008 12:02 pm

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Episode 30

The contestant is a well known singer Zubeen of Ya Ali song fame. He makes a grand entry with the studio audience cheering him.
At Rs 2500 song category, he chooses Shammi Kapoor and sings Baar Baar Dekho with ease.
Slowly but gradually he sings each category with ease with songs like Na Bole tum, Kal ki Haseen Mulaqat
He uses the Adla-Badli Back up at the Rs 25,000 mark.
Dum Maro Dum shows his power house singing style.
He rocks the house with the number Yeh Jawani at Rs 50,000 mark.
Popular Sahrukh number Yeh kali kali ankhen takes the singer to the 75,000 mark.
The siger uses his second back up Farishtay at the Rs 75,000 mark.
Zubeen sings the song Neele Neele Amber par and gets the studio audience tapping to his rythm.
For Rs 2 lakh song option Zubeen picks Jhalak dikhlaja.
With the time getting over, the versatile singer goes home with total prize money of Rs 2 lakh.

Episode 29

Annu and Gullu enter the Bol... post with a promise to win the prize amount as they need the amount desperately
Gullu is the worst singer ever on Bol Baby Bol history.
Due to his witty remarks and genuinely pathetic singing he scores points with the studio audience.
Annu, gullu start their musical journey confidently. But have to use their first back up farishtay, as they get stuck at the popular no.
It is rather a painful episode for Adnan to conduct, as he has to listen to the worst singer of all.
Even adnan likes the genuine effort by the duo and livens up the mood by cutting in and singing along.
Anu and Gullu finally leave the episode with a total prize money of 2,00,000/- rupees.
It is evident that they have won the hearts of the studio audience.

Episode 28

Aadesh enters the Bol Baby Bol Bol Post on a rocking number Shava Shava, which is composed by Aadesh himself
He sets up the mood by singing Tujhe Dekha to Yeh for Rs 2,500 categories.
Aadesh becomes more confident by each passing question and wows the audience with his brilliant performance.
His songs Chukar mere man ko…, Tune O Rangeele, Ruk Jaana Nahin are an instant success with the crowd.
Adesh and Adnan Rock the Floor with their performance on Sona Sona and Ankhen… both composed by Aadesh.
With this performance The Bollywood`s ace music director proves his popularity.
Adesh has to use his first Back Up Farishtay on song Saason Se Saason.
After compelling performances on very popular numbers the final buzzer blows outmKeeping the studio audience wanting for more.
Finally Adesh bids adieu with total prize money of Rs 2,00,000.
But Before Leaving he gives the audience a taste of his upcoming single One For The Road.

Episode 27

The contestant Amit Sana is the Indian Idol runner up, he enters the Bol Baby Bol Post with the melodious song Yaron Dosti… from film Rockford.
With Amit`s high octave style of singing, it looks as if he is here to stay.
With the thumping number Mast Kalandar from Hey Babyy he sets the chemistry with the studio audience.
For the Rs 10,000 question, Amit sings Mere Khayalon ki malika from the film Josh thus floored the audience as well as took appreciation from Adnan himself.
Amit Sana uses his first Back up Farishtay at the Rs 75,000 question where his brother helps him out with the golden classic Aaja…Aaja.
Amit Sana proves his powerhouse singing with his performance on Soni De Nakhrin. The studio audience helps him out with the right answer. This shows the kind of mpression Amit has created in their hearts
His final two songs are a treat to remember, Jiya Dhadak from Kalyug and Kisi Disco Mein from Bade Miya Chote Miya.
The Game ends with Amit Sana winning the final amount of Rs 4,00,000.

Episode 22

The episode starts with our roll over contestant Antara as our contestant. She is also from the Indian Idol finalists
Antara starts her bol baby bol journey with minimum assurance of 25000 rs
Antara strikes gold as she belts out Zindaggi Rocks title song with full energy
Step By step she advances confidently towards her goal
By attempting the golden hit "Mere desh ki Dharti" she touches viewers hearts.
Antara Attempts the 4, 00,000 question but doesn't know the answer.
She quits the game taking home 2 ,00,000 Rs as her prize money
The next contestant is Radio City contestant Rumeet from Mumbai.
As a winner5 Adnan gives him a surprise .RJ Praveen from Radio City is his Farishta.
Rumeet uses his Farishta Back up in the first question itself. But RJ Praveen bails him out
Rumeet becomes a roll over contestant with Rs 5,000 as prize money.

Episode Highlights 21

Contestant Name: Harish
Very confident contestant, knows all his lyrics very well, very cheerful and enchanted by Adnan's presence.
He's more intrested to play with Adnan, sing for him and have a good time.
Talks big of winning 25 Lakhs and starts of the game.
Sings Parda hai Parda for 10 thousand question and wins everyones heart.
Adnan is foot tapping on the floor and asks him to sing once more.
With an ease he crosses Rs 25, 000 again with a power packed peformance.
At 50 thousand, Harish is very confident and chooses a song from public demand.
He is very sure of the lyrics as he sings. he wants to play with adnan and coaxes him to record the lyrics.
Adnan gives him various hints to use his back up, but adamant Harish records and faulters at Rs 50 thousand and leaves the game with 25 thousand.
Harish on his exit gives a Tribute to Adnan with a heart warming number
Contestant Name: Antara. Confident voice and very thoughtful contestant, starts the game with utmost zeal and exubarance but uses her 1st Back up on the first question.
She reaches Rs 25 thousand loosing one back up and is rollover contestant for next Episode.

Episode 15: December 28, 2007

Roll over Contestant: Ankita
She has been eagerly waiting to play the game and win the jackpot.
She's on the minimum assurance level, she has to cross this level to avoid leaving the show empty handed.
She looks confident and records the lyrics for Rs 25, 000.
Moves up confidently to play for Rs 50, 000 with all her back ups still with her.
Picks a popular song for Rs 1 lakh and she finds it tough and wants to change it. She uses her back up Adla Badli.
New options look like bigger puzzles to her and she looks completely clueless.
She starts singing and calls for Farishtey to bail her out of the dilema. After a lot of pondering they lock the correct lyrics and move up to play for Rs 5 lakhs.
While playing for the same she goes blank on one of her favourite actors track, tries using her back up but quits to avoid loss.
New Contestant: Harshit Saxena.
He is Star Voice Of India's finalist and a big fan of Adnan.
Adnan in favor tells him a strategy to play the game, and warns him saying this is a test of words and not singing talent
He follows Adnan's tips and moves on. Things seem to be working for him and he's stable with the lyrics.
When he reaches Rs 10, 000 level, he gets one of his favorite song. After her gives the answer, Adnan requests him to continue singing.
The song gets the audience cheering for him and Adnan dancing.

Episode 14: December 22, 2007

The Christmas special episode
Adnan announces that its festive season on Bol Baby Bol, with unlimited surprises coming up in the show
Christmas surprise begins with Apoorva Agnihotri as the guest of the show.
It doesent end here... Apoorva is further surprised with his wife Shilpa also invited to play with him
They've just returned from a second honeymoon in New Zealand with all adventure sport.
Apoorva is not so confident with knowing all songs he knows old ones and counts on Shilpa to know the new ones.
They start playing with a strategy of finishing the difficult ones first and keeping the easier ones for difficult or bigger stages.
First question is a tribute to Adnan Sami by choosing category named Adnan Sami.
Apoorva further surprises shilpa while playing the game.
The game of surprises continue as game builds up and they start climbing the Money tree.
With atmost fanfare and christmas atmosphere brought on the sets Adnan sets the screen on fire with a stunning surprise song for the viewers.

Episode 13: December 21, 2007

Contestant Name: Jeetendra Rollover from Episode 12
Confident from previous episode, continues with the game choosing Javed Akhtar category, uses his back up Gustaki Maaf to correct words and records his answer leaving the rest on God.
Reaches Rs 5 Lakh and is overwhlemed.
For him the ultimate joy is that he is sharing the stage with Adnan rather than he is winning the game.
He's ready to risk everything he has, as it's the only chance he would get to ever make Rs 5 lakh.
After requests from Adnan to use his back up, he goes on to record his lyrics and faulters with one word and leaves with Minimum garuntee amount.
Next Contestant: Geeta
Tough girl, she likes everything difficult and is ready to face.
She selects a popular number to start with.
She's confident as she moves up, and is reluctant to use her back up and records wrong answer. She has to leave the game empty handed.
Next Contestant: Ankita
Bubbly teenager, excited to get on with the game
She reaches Rs 25, 000 with an ease and time ends before she can reach the next level. She will continue in next episode post christmas special.

Episode 12: December 15, 2007

The show starts with a lot of excitement
A contestant named Shweta has already won Rs 15 lakhs and Adnan inspires her to reach the Rs 25 lakh mark. Will she make it?
The audience is encouraged to clap till the sky falls down
Hindustan ki dadkhan is what he calls the contestant
The contestant sings enthusiastically
Finally, she gets stuck and she is urged by Adnan to use a farishtay to help her
They know the words roughly but get stumbled when asked to lock.
The next Contestant in is Jitendra
He's a rick driver who wants to set up his jewelery shop in Delhi which got shut due to personal reasons
He has his young daughter by his side as his wife was unable to board the train to Mumbai.
Looks very promising as he gets going with ease and confidently chooses the categories which he would like to sing like Sharmila - Rajesh.
Adnan plays a crucial role and urges him on by saying keep going now your journey should not stop
In between, Adnan tells the contestant that his answer is right and that he should lock it. He says - "I feel your answer is right"
When the contestant chooses a particular Raj Kapoor song that has the crowd roaring with excitement
Adnan challenges the contestant saying that he now has only 2 missing words to fill. Contestant says even 2 words can be tough

Episode 11: December 14, 2007

We have Shweta who is very confident with her lyrics rollover from previous episode
She selects songs which appear tough choices and answers them with ease
As she climbs up the money tree, the difficulty level increases but she hasn't used her backups till Rs 1 lakh
Her question for 5 lakhs happens to be her favourite song.
Surprisingly, her confidence and comfort level seemed to increase with the with the difficulty level.
Finally, to be on the safer side, she uses her backup 'gustaki maaf' for the Rs 10 lakh question
She becomes our first contestant to cross 15 lakhs
2 of her back ups are still intact
She's the first contestant to be playing for Rs 25 lakhs
At this stage, she choose to use 'adla badli'
Short of time, she is rolled over to saturday episode with history to be made of her attempt of Rs 25 lakh song

Episode 10: December 8, 2007

Contestant Sagar - A brilliant guy, young, deals in artificial and real gems.
Sagar starts the game with a brilliant zeal. He looks very promising and has a nice game plan to proceed
The first four questions looks like cake-walk for him, looks like his game plan is working
He gets a very popular number at the Rs 50,000 question, ends up giving an extra word in between.
Inspite of numerous request from Adnan, he denies from using a lifeline and gets knocked off with Rs 25,000
Shweta, a young, moody Mumbai girl who knew the melody numbers - Both Old and New
She wants Adnan to sing her favourite song, on her request Adnan makes a deal, if she makes it to Rs 25000, he'll sing for her
She makes it to Rs 25000; Adnan sings a famous number from Metro for her
The contestant is rolled over to next episode

Episode 9: December 7, 2007

The first Contestant for the day - Rishabh from Kashmir
He knows the answer of question #1 but is not confident about it. Uses one lifeline to get a correct answer.
On question #2, he goes ahead deciding not to cross-check his answer. But unfortunately, he is wrong this time and gets out.
Second Contestant - Mridula seems very confident
She has taken songs which looks like tough choices but every time she gives answer with ease. Seems like she is very confident.
Answers of first three questions seem like child's play for her.
The 4th question seemed quite difficult to answer.
She uses her back up but not of much help to her. She is bound to use her second back up.
Adnan compliments her farishtey to be a real angel for Mridula.
She finally manages to reach upto Rs 25,000 level.
To her dismay, she gets knocked off on the 5th Question.
Answering the 5th question was easy, as it was a popular song. Also she knew that she was wrong. Adnan asked her / gave her subtle hint that she is sure or not. She was also not confident about the answer.

Episode 8: December 1, 2007

Anupama continues with exuberance and crosses the Rs 50,000 level
Committing a fatal mistake at Rs 1 lakh, she settles with Rs 25,000 and exits the game
Dolly, the new contestant for the day, enters the game
She is a teenager with big dreams, comes with a great knowledge of lyrics
Her answers of first three questions seems like she's here to win the jackpot with an ease
But on the Rs 25000 song, she is dumbstruck using all her lifelines at one go
Yet, her wrong answer makes her leave the game empty-handed!

Episode 7: November 30, 2007

Habib earns Rs 50,000 as he falters at the Rs 1 lakh song
He quits the game, much to the disappointment of the audience
Anupama comes as a breath of fresh air in the show
She lights up the entire stage with her melodious voice
She crosses the Rs 25,000 level with ease using one back-up
Adnan praises her singing ability
Will Anupama's golden voice and knowledge of lyrics help her attain the Rs 25 lakh mark?

Episode 6: November 24, 2007

Investment banker Habib is one smart contestant to come on the Airtel Bol Baby Bol sets
His boyish charm coupled with his intelligent answers sets a right chemistry with Adnan and the audience
He crosses the Rs 25,000 mark having used only one back-up.
Habib`s performance on song "Mai Ni Mai" has Adnan astounded. And he states that he will change his current investment banker to Habib as his guess work is supreme.
Will this whiz kid go on to play the Rs 25,00,000 song?

Episode 5: November 23, 2007

Vibhakar continues playing excellently winning the hearts of the crowd present.
He cruises down the minimum guarantee mark i.e. Rs 25,000 without any back-up used.
Vibhakar plays with real heart as he reaches the Rs 1,00,000 with ease.
Adnan applauds his effort and wishes him the best as his reason to participate is genuine.
Having used his two back ups, Vibhakar attempts the song for Rs 10,00,000.
Will he go on to play the Rs 25 lakh song?

Episode 4: November 17, 2007

Raksha starts up on a promising note. But she fails to cross the Rs 50,000 mark
Her wrong answer at Rs 50,000 question makes dip down to Rs 25,000
The next contender Vibhakar stuns Adnan with his excellent knowledge of old bollywood numbers
He crosses Rs 10,000 as he successfully answers 2 questions.
Will this brave heart from Bihar be the one to take home Rs 25 lakhs?

Episode 3: November 16, 2007

A new contestant Amarpal comes to play the game.
He falters at the first question even after using his family-help backup
Amarpal does not win any money.
The next contestant Raksha goes on to win Rs 25,000.
Adnan is visually impressed by her voice
Will she be the contender for Rs 25 lakhs?

Episode 2: November 10, 2007

Mitaali comes back, wants to win Rs 25,00,000
Adnan's performance - "Piya Tu Ab to Aaja..."
Mitaali falters - Will she or Won't she win Rs 25 Lakhs?

Episode 1: November 9, 2007

First episode, Diwali Special
Mitaali - The first contestant on the show - confident about her lyrics
Mitaali climbs the money chart extremely fast- never falters never uses a back-up
Reaches Rs 5 lakh, does not know the lyrics of the song. Uses her first back-up.
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